Need to lose some clutter? Try an app.

Do you have boxes and stacks and drawers full of these:

articles, recipesgardening ideas, bills, statements, wines to try, travel brochures, maps, manuals, directions, textbooks, magazines, catalogs, coupons, race info, sports schedules, newspapers, reports, financial reviews, stuff you want to buy, decorating ideas, diet plans, class schedules, camps, and on and on and on….

My advice?  Let them go.  Most of them anyway.

I am not suggesting that you get rid of your personal files.  What I am talking about are the stacks of accumulated (old) paperwork that we are afraid to let go of.  For every category above, there is a website or phone app that will let you save your personal  information to a file (ala:  Pinterest.comLinked In or OR  find the most recent, updated information available at a website.

The best news?  Your stacks will be gone.  Also, when you want to find out if your garbage disposal is warranteed or plan a trip to Cape Town, instead of digging through boxes and drawers where you might have saved an old brochure, you can just pull out your phone or google your subject and have what you need in seconds.

(Don’t forget to click onto the words in blue to go directly to the website.)

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