Discovery Gateway Office Make-Over

IMG_20150515_104233904_HDRIMG_20150224_132440035The professional who resides in this office 40+ hours a weeks was fed up.  She missed meetings, lost files, had to move stacks of paper in order for visitors to have a place to sit and hated the message that she was sending her staff, co-workers and potential donors.  I was THRILLED when she asked me to help her because I love nothing more than to transform a space:)  Together, we made 3 appointments for 3 hours each and started to tackle the stacks of old materials, periodicals and miscellaneous stuff that overwhelmed her work space.

By walking through her days and deciding what files needed to be within arms reach we laid out a map for the entire office.  We next got rid of the excess, created an updated filing system that addressed what was in current use and what was archival and bought colorful SIMPLE desk accessories.  (Do you really need 3 cups with over 80 nasty pens?)

In her new SIMPLIFIED office space she is able to lay out projects, make it to meetings on time with complete files and begin to dream up new projects for this creative and dynamic non profit.  I loved working with her to achieve her goals!

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