Helping your Children to get Organized

Kids move through hobbies, clothes and schoolwork so quickly that as a parent, you need to routinely cull their things our you will outgrow the largest home REALLY quickly.  The best way to tackle the stuff is to devote a few hours to sorting and tossing/passing on their cast-offs at least twice a year.  You should also enlist their help so that that they learn the process.  As always:

  1.  Sort the items into categories whether it is toys, clothes, finished homework or sports equipment.
  2. Eliminate what is no longer being used.  (Donate, save for a younger sibling, toss, return to the original owner or sell.)
  3. Determine the best space to store the category of items that is left.  Make sure it is labeled, located where the child can reach it easily and show the child where things go.
  4. Purchase storage items IF needed.  A hook for the backpack.  A basket for sport equipment.  A drawer for electronics and chargers etc.
  5. Evaluate what comes in.  Somehow it is easy to shop guilt-free for our kids.  Try to shop with a list when they need clothes, try not to be tempted with sales and emotional purchases.  Kids are just like us, they have favorites and they really don’t need huge wardrobes or duplicate toys.  The money you save will be put to good use if you are able to invest some for their future.

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