Packing and Moving Made Easier!

Moving is ALOT of work whether you are moving away permanently OR simply moving out of your home for a short time period while you remodel.  The GREAT thing about preparing to move is that it almost FORCES you to go through your stuff and let some things go. Plus if you are using a moving company like for all your moving process, this gives you some personal time to carefully go through the items helping you only keep the necessary ones.

If that isn’t reason enough, in a recent survey of Realtors, 32% said the top reason that a home did not sell quickly was due to the amount of clutter!  That is something that is so easy to control, it just takes a little time and work.

Moving is such an unpleasant task for most that they postpone the project to the very last minute.  While it is true that you will still land in your new space with all of your stuff, there are some serious disadvantages to procrastinating.  When you wait until the last minute, homeowners often start tossing and donating like mad to reduce the cost of the move.  Here are the 2 biggest regrets that most people in that situation have:

  1.   Items that could have been sold – putting money back into their pocket are basically discarded.  Selling things takes a bit of time so don’t wait until the movers show up.
  2. Items that are sentimental are tossed because one partner is more aggressive in their efforts to purge.

To avoid the pitfalls of waiting until the last minute to prepare to relocate, start at least 2 months before the move to systematically go through the home and identify:

  • What is trash – and throw it out
  • What can be sold – and post it or drop it off at a consignment store
  • Return what is not yours to its owner

With the items left, take advantage of the offer by Two Man Movers and Storage / Auckland based movers for an inexpensive solution to de-cluttering your home pre sale or during that remodel!  Labor and a month of storage to sell your home more quickly for $299?  I think it is a no brainer. (The photo above gives you an idea of the size of the storage units included in this deal and it is 2 of those units!)  If you need suggestions for where to get rid of things in Park City, please send me a text or email and I will offer some local solutions.

You will thank yourself when it is time to unpack, trust me!!!
Call Toronto moving company to make this process fun!


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