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Face it, tiny artists can really pump out the product!  Multiply each masterpiece by a few children and a dozen years each and you have the Louvre crammed into a closet or under a few beds.  Kids art is awesome.  Colorful, wild, imaginative and spontaneous.  However, all kids art is not created equal.  There needs to be a vetting system on what to save.

So, take my advice and save only a FEW pieces from each child each year.  Each year as you add to the collection, purge the least favorite from the previous years.  Save about a dozen or so pieces per child.  Save the originals in a plastic bin under a bed OR if you want to go for an even more compact option, try using to snap photos of their art throughout the year(s) and they will compile a collection on your phone OR send you a beautiful bound book organized however you ask them to.

Simple rules for what to let go:

  1.  Anything with glitter, noodles or shells glued on.
  2. Anything that is a tear out from a coloring book.
  3. Anything that you can not credit to the original artist.

Simple rules for what to keep:

  1.  Anything that you or the artist truly loves.
  2. Early self portraits, drawings of family, friends or pets.
  3. All work that shows true talent.

When your child graduates and move on to their next chapter they will not have the same emotional attachment to their art that you have, really.  Curate the collection for them along the way so that you are not taking precious space in your home only to move and store things that they simply will not want down the road.

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    Great piece. Maybe digitally saving some just in case they are curious later might work.

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