“Michelle stands out among all the other organizers I’ve worked with in that she has a constant thought of the AESTHETICS and BEAUTY factors of a situation. Her personality is so GORGEOUS. She is sweet, beautiful, understanding, funny and basically a JOY to work with!!”

Auretha Callison Fashion and Brand Stylist

Looking to create more space at home? Trying to find more time in an over-packed schedule? It’s time to get organized! Employing a a professional organizer is the most efficient way to organize based on personal style, making it possible to stay focused on the task at hand and complete the project quickly. By donating, selling and recycling unneeded items, it’s possible to create space for useful and valuable items, creating a new space that is nothing short of life changing.

Rate: $75/hr or Project Pricing

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  • Closets + Bedrooms
  • Kitchens + Pantries
  • Offices + Filing Systems
  • Garages + Mudrooms
  • Craft + Play Rooms
  • Inventory + Cataloging